Fall Beauty Trends Rhinestone Makeup And Lightened Hues: Spate

Fall Beauty Trends Rhinestone Makeup And Lightened Hues: Spate

Summer may be in full swing, but current beauty trends that will extend into the fall include Euphoria-inspired rhinestone makeup, healthy and youthful-looking skin and lightened hair.

Bring on the Bling

Not just for Halloween or cosplaying, consumers are currently searching for rhinestone makeup to elevate their everyday makeup. According to Spate, there are 9,100 average searches every month in the US for rhinestone makeup, a trend that has grown +164.0% in searches since last year.

Rhinestone makeup is having a moment bringing fun, sparkly joy to everyday makeup looks instead of being relegated to special events. Related searches include eye, Euphoria, idea, glitter, and simple—indicating that consumers are looking for simple and easy ideas to bling up their makeup looks, particularly around the eye area. Searches for Euphoria indicate that the trend may be driven by the popularity of the makeup on the TV show; the term Euphoria makeup is up +16.6%.

Rhinestone makeup searches are enjoying high YOY growth with high predicted growth (+26.5%), but the absence of a market leader presents an opportunity for brands to step in and assume the leadership role in this category. Aside from eye makeup, brands should consider the versatility of these little gems to create other stylish looks on nails, cheeks and beyond. An extension into fashion can also present an opportunity beyond the beauty category.

Hair Crème Lightener

Rising interest in creme lightener reveals consumers are searching for hair products that offer benefits while also providing a function like lightening. On average, there are 3,200 searches every month in the US for creme lightener, which has grown +83.8% in searches since last year. There are two market leaders: Ion and Joico.

Creme lighteners are a gentler alternative to bleach for lifting hair color due to the cream formula that helps condition and soften as it lightens. The current increase in consumer concerns for sensitive (+15.6% YoY) and itchy scalps (+11.8% YoY) explains their search for gentler hair lighteners. Related searches include: white, bright, how to use, review, mix, instructions, oil, kit, results, before and after, salon, and ratio — which indicates that consumers are looking for detailed information and instructions on how to mix and use the products to achieve a professional salon look at home. Consumers also search before-and-afters to understand how their hair will look after completing the treatment.

As the skinification of hair care continues to gain traction, brands are encouraged to develop and promote products and services that treat and nourish the hair and scalp as they lighten or dye the hair shaft. Similar to skincare where chemical peels and over-exfoliation led to a focus on strengthening the weakened skin barrier (barrier repair is up +65.8% YoY), brands are also encouraged to consider a deeper focus on moisturizing and conditioning hair care products that counteract the damage incurred by harsh bleaching and chemical processing.

Ceramide Serum

Searches for ceramide serum reveal consumers are searching for skincare products, which contain multiple active ingredients. There are 2,400 searches on average every month in the US for ceramide serum, which has grown +73.8% in searches since last year. There are three market leaders: Glow Recipe, Cocokind and Elizabeth Arden.

Ceramides are critical elements of the skin — fatty acids that help retain moisture and strengthen the skin barrier to maintain healthy skin function. Related searches include: avocado, review, retinol, hyaluronic acid, vitamin c, renewing, niacinamide, aging, and redness. Searches for avocado, retinol, hyaluronic acid, vitamin c, and niacinamide indicate that consumers are looking for skincare products that contain ceramides in addition to other active ingredients. Meanwhile, searches for renewing, aging, and redness indicate that consumers look towards ceramides to target these benefits and concerns (aging searched alongside the category of face concerns is up +4.9% YoY).

Ceramides as a whole are up +15% YoY and are predicted to grow +16% over the next year. Brands should leverage this strong growth by incorporating ceramides into multiple skincare formats in addition to serums such as lotions, creams, oils, sprays and sticks. The makeup and body categories also present an opportunity to add ceramides into foundations, concealers, highlighters, body butters, body lotions and other body care products. Brands should also consider featuring ceramides in beauty and wellness supplements that promote beauty from within.


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