Hungarian celebrity gets a chip put into her hand to pay with it

Hungarian celebrity gets a chip put into her hand to pay with it

Have you ever heard about the chip that makes your life easier and is very popular abroad? With the small tool, you can pay without a card, cash or your phone, you can turn off the lights in your home without touching the switch, you can open the doors of your car without keys… A Hungarian celebrity, Vanda Schumacher, just got one inserted into her hand!

Unusual procedure in Zürich

Vanda Schumacher has undergone an unusual procedure, a few days ago she received a unique chip that will probably make her everyday life easier, reports Hungarian news portal Blikk.

The host of the Hungarian reality show BeleValóVilág underwent a plastic surgery procedure, during which she received a unique chip. Vanda has previously revealed that only three people in Hungary have such a device. The young actress thinks it’s worth keeping up with the times, as she believes the chip’s functions are very useful.

Common abroad, but not in Hungary

“I’ll have a chip in my hand, which is quite common abroad, but only three people in Hungary have it so far, I’ll be the fourth. I’ll be able to unlock my car with it, I’ll be able to pay and the lights will turn on wherever I go in my apartment,” said Vanda, who is currently traveling the world, on RTL Klub’s show “Reggeli” .

On Instagram, she posted a picture and some videos from the operating table, letting her followers know that she had achieved her plan! Vanda explained in detail the features of the unique chip, saying that she receives a lot of questions about the procedure, but she is also very happy that more and more people are interested in the procedure in Hungary.

What can the chip do?

“Maybe I’m not the first in the world, but I’m the first woman in Hungary with a chip in her hand! #thisisthefuture Lately there have been a lot of articles about me getting a chip in my hand, but I still get a lot of questions and I’m going to answer them,” she writes.

In my hand, I have a @walletmotor 28mm chip implanted with a credit card-like transmitter that allows me to pay anywhere with a swipe of a finger without a phone, money or card. It may seem strange at first, but it will make my life a lot easier as you can see how much I travel, what adventures I go on and as I get robbed every 3 months or so, it makes me feel safer.

And inserting such a chip is not at all out of this world. I was just nervous because I’ve never been in a hospital before (apart from shootings). The operation takes about 15 minutes, they give you an anesthetic, make a tiny incision and then make a small space to put the chip in and stitch it up. I had it done in a private clinic in Switzerland because unfortunately, they don’t do it anywhere in Hungary yet, but I’m sure that will change soon. Despite how futuristic it sounds, thousands of people around the world have chips in their hands, all for different purposes. For me it’s all I’ll have for a long time as I don’t need anything else,” wrote Vanda in her Instagram post.

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