Dressing for Pets |  News

Dressing for Pets | News

CANNNONSBURG The Boyd County Animal Shelter hosted the Fur Ball Gala, a fundraiser to help them continue to serve animals in the county and beyond, on Saturday.

This year’s gala was at the Boyd County Community Center where businesses and concerned individuals arrived for dinner, a silent auction, live DJ and an open bar. All proceeds went to provide for the welfare of animals looking for a caring home and the spay and neuter program.

Boyd County Animal Shelter Supervisor Steve Minton said the support of the community at events like the Fur Ball Gala as well as individual donations helped to ensure the shelter could continue to care for stray and abandoned animals.

“We take anywhere from 1,500 to 3,000 animals a year,” Minton said. “And we are trying our best to raise awareness that people need help with the welfare of their animals, and after COVID some people are seeing that they are having difficulty affording their animals.”

“We are trying to implement a spay/neuter program where if people need their animals spayed or neutered, they can come to us and we can help them out, sort of in the way the Humane Society does. There is no Humane Society here locally,” Minton said. “So, we are trying to take the place of that. Everything has to eat and every animal needs care.”

“We came up with the name Fur Ball because of the animals, and basically, we are here at this event tonight to raise money to protect the injured, raise awareness of spay/neuter, and try to change the person of the animal shelter, ” he said.

“When someone hears the words animal shelter, they think euthanasia,” Minton said. But he said that isn’t what the animal shelter is all about. The shelter does work in animal control, and they have been called out to numerous hoarding cases, but the shelter tries to come up with a happy solution for stray, abandoned, or surrendered pets, including working with both local and more distant rescues.

“Our purpose with Fur Ball is to raise money to become a resource to the community,” he said.

The animal shelter has a budget, but sometimes the needs of animals outstrip that budget, and more is needed. Veterinarian bills alone for wounded or sick animals can deplete a budget quickly, and increased numbers of animals in the shelter can also strain resources. “But we do everything we are able,” Minton said. “And we want to be here as a resource for the community.”

Minton said numerous companies and individuals such as Kentucky Farm Bureau, Pat Hedrick, Earthwise and Tin Woof Inn stepped up and bought numerous tickets for the event to show their support. Nearly 30 local businesses also donated items to be auctioned off in the silent auction, Minton said.

The animal shelter always appreciates donations, I have added, and those donations are tax deductible. “And we are going to do Fur Ball 2 next year,” he said. “So, get ready to come out next year, enjoy yourself, and help local animals.”

The Boyd County Animal Shelter regularly posts on its Facebook page, gives updates and features those animals waiting to find their forever homes.


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