Help consumers embrace aging to tackle anxiety in beauty – Expert

Help consumers embrace aging to tackle anxiety in beauty – Expert

These trends were shared by Michael Nolte, creative director of the Openstreams Foundation. The non-profit aims to foster global collaboration, awareness of key issues on beauty and support education.

“Age is not a problem to be solved, but a natural part of life that should be embraced. People of all ages and appearances are beautiful. Age is part of our diverse society; the same way other aspects, such as colour, shape, size, gender and individual beliefs, are.

“We can go beyond finding ways to make people appear younger to finding new ways to make people feel comfortable at all ages by accompanying them through their lives. Areas such as psychological and physical well-being are open avenues to explore instead of trying to find solutions to the symptoms of aging anxiety created by society.

“We believe that the beauty industry can contribute to evolving beauty standards in order to release unnecessary pressure and unrealistic expectations,” Said Nolte, who has 20 years’ worth of industry experience under his belt.

He spoke about the trend in a webinar titled during the Cosmoprof Asia Digital Week (#CADW) “Stop Age Anxiety: Challenging the Youth-Dictate”​.

Anxious about age

Age anxiety is defined as constant pressure on physical appearance built around concepts of youth, creating unrealistic desires to appear and stay young at all costs.

Globally, the United Nations estimated that 2 bn individuals will be aged 60 and above by 2050, up from 1 bn in 2020. It has declared 2020 to 2030 as the “Decade of Healthy Aging”​, with strategies and action plans in place like efforts to change mindsets and foster capabilities of older people.


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