How To Buy Jennifer Lopez’s JLo Beauty In The UK

How To Buy Jennifer Lopez’s JLo Beauty In The UK

Is there anything Jennifer Lopez can’t do? The multi-hyphenate actor, singer and dancer added beauty mogul to her title de ella in January 2021 with the launch of her skincare line JLo Beauty. To mark her 53rd birthday de ella on July 24, Lopez released the first product from her upcoming line of bodycare—a Firm + Flaunt Targeted Booty Balm. I don’t know about you, but could this not be the perfect launch for JLo? The question remains though: Can you buy JLo Beauty in the UK? And if not now, when? And how? Here’s what we know so far.

The new booty balm contains pink pepperslim oil and guarana seed extract that hydrates the skin and leaves it feeling tighter with a dewy glow. While the Booty Balm is advertised for the butt, it can be used across the body as well. Besides this shiny new addition, Lopez’s brand offers ten affordable-luxe skincare products straight from her own beauty regime.

Think cleansing and hydrating serums, under-eye creams, glowing sheet masks and the apparent fan-favorite broad spectrum SPF 30 moisturizer. The rose gold and bronze packaging screams JLo, you cannot look at them without picturing the singer grooving to On The Floor with Pitbull. Here’s everything we know so far about how to buy JLo Beauty (and that booty balm) in the UK.

Where Can You Find Jennifer Lopez’s JLo Beauty In The UK?

Not going to lie, finding the answer to this question hurts a little because sadly, as of now British fans cannot buy JLo Beauty in the UK. Bustle reached out to a brand rep who informed us that as of now JLo Beauty only ships to the US The products can also be purchased in Canada and Mexico at Sephora.

Will Jennifer Lopez’s JLo Beauty Skincare and Body Products Be Available In The UK?

There is hope for UK shoppers, however. JLo Beauty’s website states that the brand is working on expanding its offerings internationally. Also if other celebrity brands like Jennifer Aniston’s LolaVie, Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty, and Drew Barrymore’s Flower Beauty have done it, we can only hope that JLo Beauty follows suit soon.

How Much Does Jennifer Lopez’s JLo Beauty Products Cost?

The brand’s debut body care product the Firm + Flaunt Targeted Booty Balm is priced at $65 (£54), and the SPF moisturizer That Big Screen comes in at $54 (£45). However, when the brand enters the UK and depending on where it’s stocked, the prices could potentially change. Watch this space.

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