The Best Celebrity Nail Art of Summer 2022

The Best Celebrity Nail Art of Summer 2022

When it comes to beauty inspo, celebrities typically lead the charge. After all, they have the most talented glam squads at their beck and call. The makeup and hair looks are always next level, but it’s the nail looks that have stolen the spotlight this month. Be it chrome finishes, intricate designs, or Y2K-inspired acrylic sets, the nail scene has quite literally exploded. There’s no more muted polish on our Instagram feeds—it’s all color-blocked shades, neon hues, and nail stickers.

We’ve spent the better part of summer 2022 keeping an eye out for the best looks out there. And thanks to hours upon hours of scrolling through social media, we’ve been able to round up the most elaborate, stunning, gorgeous (all the things!) manis to grace the nails of our favorite celebs. From Kourtney Kardashian’s Louboutin-inspired set to Lizzo’s cheetah print design, here are the best celebrity manicures since the past few months. So prepare to screenshot, book your next nail appointment, and, without further ado, keep scrolling.

Lizzo’s Cheetah Print Set

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