Out Of Body Collection Is Pure Sweetener

Out Of Body Collection Is Pure Sweetener

Ariana Grande’s rem beauty is back with more makeup goodness and rem beauty’s chapter 4: out of body collection is here to cure your skin care concerns along the way. In addition to a brand new concealer that’s primed and ready to answer all your skin care prayers, chapter 4 also includes blotting papers, primer, and a makeup blender. At long last, you’ll have all the tools you need to do a full rem beauty makeup look.

The crowning jewel of rem beauty’s chapter 4: out of body collection is its new concealer, and Grande did not do things halfway. The sweetener concealer can be used for contouring, color correcting, and creating a smooth, evenly-toned base in a soft, matte finish. It also doubles as a supercharged skin care product. With hyaluronic acid for hydration, vitamin E to help with sun damage, and raspberry stem cells to protect you from UVB rays, the sweetener concealer helps with practically every skin care concern you might have. The price tag is on the higher end at $24, but I like to think of it as a steal since it’s both skin care and makeup.

The sweetener concealer is dropping in 60 different shades that also keep undertones in mind. Undertones are SW important in complexion makeup. They’re the subtle hues that exist underneath the tone of your skin and the reason why a foundation that might look like a perfect match seems weirdly, vaguely wrong once applied. While you may have fair, tan, or dark skin, matching your undertone keeps your concealer from looking dull or flat. Luckily, rem beauty is covering all the undertone bases, offering a full range of options including cool, neutral, red, yellow, and golden undertones. The beauty brand is also dropping a pure white and a pure black shade of its sweetener concealer for you to mix with your matched shade in order to lighten and darken it as your skin changes throughout the year. As I said, Grande has your back from her.

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What is the rem beauty’s chapter 4: out of body collection?

While I’m already a super fan, the sweetener concealer isn’t all that the rem beauty chapter 4: out of body collection has in store. There’s also the lunar magic blurring primer, a hydrating and brightening base that features cooling, water-encapsulated nano-powders that burst to deliver a soothing sensation every time you wear it. It blurs out texture and holds makeup in place for up to eight hours. To apply all the newness, there’s the dreamcloud makeup blender. Designed with a flying saucer shape, it’s a major multi-tasker that can tackle blending, concealing, and setting.

Last, but certainly not least, there are the satin sheets blotting papers. As an oily person, blotting sheets are an essential item in my makeup bag. The rem beauty blotting papers are infused with black bamboo charcoal to purify pores and absorb excess oil, without stripping away your makeup.

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Rem beauty chapter four: out of body collection

How much does the rem beauty’s chapter 4: out of body collection cost?

You can snag the entire rem beauty chapter 4: out of body collection for $60. However, if you want to pick and choose, the most affordable items are the blotting papers and the blender at $15 each. The concealer costs $24 and the lunar magic primer costs $30.

Where can you shop the rem beauty’s chapter 4: out of body collection?

Right now, the chapter 4 collection is only available on the rem beauty website. These chapter drops tend to sell out fast so don’t dally.

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