Inside Eli Matthewson’s ‘humble hot man’ beauty routine

Inside Eli Matthewson’s ‘humble hot man’ beauty routine

Eli Matthewson's favorite moisturizer “smells like a hot man.  Everything I strive to be, and strive to be around.”

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Eli Matthewson’s favorite moisturizer “smells like a hot man. Everything I strive to be, and strive to be around.”

Comedian and Edge Breakfast radio co-host Eli Matthewson never took his beauty routine too seriously, but working in “showbiz” with his mug (and mullet) on the screen and in the spotlight more often, he’s found the products he relies on to look alive and feel confident.

From the functional and unglamorous shower staples, to his favorite mushroom-themed nail polish he discovered on Dancing with the Stars, Matthewson’s beauty shelfie is real and relatable, just like his comedy.

Sukin Moisture Restoring Night Cream, $21

I used to wake up with dry skin every morning but lathering this stuff on every night makes even my 4am wake ups not so bad. These days they film radio shows so I can’t rock up to work looking dead – so this little pottle is great. Plus, it’s cheap, but not the cheapest – like treating yourself to the second cheapest bottle of wine to feel fancy.

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Go Native Bakuchiol Barbary Face Serum, $55

My friend Chelsea McEwan-Millar (who has the best skin of anyone I know in real life) and her mum make these amazing natural beauty products. I use so much supermarket bought skin stuff that having a fancy little serum to add to the mix makes me feel like a little skin scientist.

This serum is designed to fight the signs of aging which is perfect because after doing breakfast radio and Dancing With The Stars at the same time, I aged six years in six weeks.

Kevin Murphy Rough Rider, $60

My barber and I have spent a solid two years perfecting my mullet, but it wouldn’t be worth it if I didn’t have the right product. Love this stuff – plus it came with a smaller travel pack so I can always have a small amount on the go if I need to re-do the look.

Head and Shoulders Apple Fresh, $15

Sorry if it’s too real, but I get dandruff BAD. I don’t know any shampoo that works as well as your good old classic Head and Shoulders.

The apple scent is a great way to wake up, plus you can buy an absolutely massive pump bottle that lasts forever and lets everyone in your bathroom know that you get dandruff so are therefore humble and relatable.

Triumph and Disaster Gameface Moisturizer, $75

I can’t get over how good this moisturizer smells. It smells like a hot man. Everything I strive to be, and strive to be around.

Pleasing Sprouting Polish, $33

While I was on Dancing With The Stars I got heavily into painting my nails, and just in time, one of my style-icons Harry Styles launched this nail polish, which is my favorite colour, mushroom themed (my favorite food), in a very cute bottle and made sustainably. J’adore.

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