Pick the right houseplants to live with your pets

Pick the right houseplants to live with your pets

Houseplants are having a moment right now. According to a recent survey, as many as 66% of American households own at least one houseplant, a number that emerged by 18% during the Covid pandemic.

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Houseplants offer many benefits; not only are they lovely to look at, but they can also reduce airborne toxins and may even play a role in reducing our stress. Even I, a confirmed “brown thumb,” have ventured into houseplant husbandry and been surprised by how enjoyable the hobby can be.

As wonderful as houseplants are, if you share your home with four-legged friends, you may want to use caution when deciding what type of potted pals to bring home. As ornamental plants, houseplants are not meant for consumption, and some may cause reactions ranging from mild to quite dangerous if Fido or Felix decides to sample their leaves.

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