Star-Studded Celebrity Entertainment News Wrap For July 30

Star-Studded Celebrity Entertainment News Wrap For July 30

This week has brought triumph and tears to some of your favorite celebrities. We’ve gathered some of the top entertainment news stories from July 24 – 30, 2022, to keep you updated on all the celebrity happenings.

Entertainment News: Love and Family

It was bad news for Teen Mom star Amber Portland. She lost custody of her son from her, James. Her ex de ella, Andrew was not only granted sole legal and primary physical custody but given the go-ahead to move the little boy from Indiana to California.

It’s Nick plus 8! The actor welcomed his eighth child to the world on June 25th. Nick Cannon and Bri Tiesi are the proud parents of a baby boy. This is Nick’s third child in 12 months and there are rumors more are on the way.

Misty Copeland is finally sharing details on her new bundle of joy. The famous ballerina welcomed a baby boy three whole months ago. This is her first child of her and she was content to keep the news from the media for a while.

Gold Star Accomplishments

Norman Lear celebrated his centennial birthday this week. The iconic TV producer rang in his 100th birthday for him by sharing what life means to him. Watch his clip of him on TMZ.

Crime and Punishment

Actress Angie Everhart came under legal fire this week after allegedly egging her neighbor’s house. The dispute happened when Angie apparently got angry over a barking dog and decided to seek revenge.

Entertainment News: Illness and Injury

Jason Momoa was involved in an accident this week when his car collided with a motorcyclist. Luckily, he’s okay as is the rider. It’s said the biker crossed over into Jason’s lane during a bend and then hit the front end of the car.

Celebrity Gossip & Scandals

The Spears family drama continues, this time with Britney Spears getting another win. A judge has ruled she will not have to be deposed by her father’s lawyer. According to People Magazine, Judge Penny doesn’t find putting Britney on the stand will provide any new evidence for the case.

An online feud broke out between teen icon JoJo Siwa and former teen idol Candace Cameron Bure. JoJo called out Candace as being the rudest celebrity she ever met which sparked quite the online quarrel. ET has all the details.

Casting & Changes

Harry Shum Jr. is the latest star announced to be checking into Grey-Slone Memorial. He’s joining the cast of Grey’s Anatomy in the upcoming season. He will join the ranks as first-year surgical resident, Daniel “Blue” Kwan.

Elizabeth Hasselbeck is returning to stir things up at the sight. She will be appearing as a guest cohost starting on August 8th. While her stay may be temporary it’s sure to be dramatic.

Entertainment News: In Memoriam

June 24th marked the death of David Warner. The 80-year-old actor fondly remembered for his roles as Povel Wallander in Wallander, Lord Azlok from Dr. Who: Dreamland, and Spicer Lovely in Titanic, entertained audiences for almost 60 years. He passed after a battle with a cancer-related illness.

Naked and Afraid alum Melanie Rauscher was found dead on July 17th. Her body of her was discovered in a guest room at a friend’s house where she was dog sitting. No cause of death is known at this time. She was 35 years old.

Legendary director, Rob Rafelson died on July 23rd. The 89-year-old Emmy-winner was the man behind such smash hits as The Monkees, Five Easy Pieces, Easy Rider, and The King of Marven Gardens.

July 25th marked the death of legendary actor Paul Sorvino. The award-winning actor took over screens for more than 50 years starting in major productions such as The Godfather, Nixon, Godfather of Harlem, and Goodfellas. He was 83 years old.

Suicidal Tendencies bandmates are in mourning. Their former bassist, Bob Heathcote died on July 25 as a result of a motorcycle accident. He was 55 years old.

The Top Chef franchise lost one of their own. Third-season contestant, Howard Kleinberg suffered a heart attack on July 26th. He was 46 years old.

Reports came this week that Tony Dow died and, at first, it was a false report. Later, it proved true when his team reported his passing on July 27th. Tony is remembered by generations as Wally on Leave It To Beaver. He was 77 years old.

It was a tragic day for the family of Louisiana rapper JayDa Young. The 24-year-old and his father of him were shot on July 29. His father of him is in stable condition but the singer did not make it.

Award-winning actress, Mary Alice passed away on Wednesday, July 27. Fondly remembered for her many roles but especially loved as The Oracle in The Matrix Revolution, as Lettie Bostic on A Different World, and for starring in Fences on Broadway. Her career spanned almost 40 years and garnered her an Emmy and a Tony award. She was 85 years old.

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