The one beauty product all midlifers need

The one beauty product all midlifers need

There’s one category of make-up that has proven to be so popular in 2022 that John Lewis have reported a huge 200 percent increase in searches month on month. Searches on Google have even increased by 37 percent compared to this time last year. So what is this new wonder product us Brits can’t get enough of?

It’s the skin-perfecting, glow-inducing cream bronzer, which make-up artists are hailing a must-have for midlife skin. A cream bronzer is very different from its traditional powder bronzer counterpart. Rather than giving the skin a slightly mattifying effect, cream formulas tend to be excellent for drier complexions, imparting a finish that melts into the skin and imitates the sun-kissed skin effect of being on a lovely holiday.

“As well as giving a natural skin-like finish, cream formulas are so much easier to shove on and have more control with over a powder,” explains the leading make-up artist Kay Montano, whose clients include Nicole Kidman and Thandie Newton.

Her favorite is Chanel’s Les Beiges Bronzing Cream, which is a best-seller in the UK. Not only does it come in a pleasingly jumbo pan with a large, chic ‘CC’ emblazoned on the front (and quite frankly who wouldn’t want that?) it gives the most natural-looking finish on the skin. So popular is the product that in the past two years the brand has launched the cream bronzer in two deeper shades: a medium to suit olive complexions and a deeper bronze shade to suit deeper skin tones.

One of the best powder bronzers on the market, Nars’ Laguna Bronzer, has now launched in a cream formula in five shades. With the brand’s signature delicious Monoï de Tahiti Oil scent, the creamy formula helps to lock in moisture in the skin.

Another cream formula I’ve been recommending to colleagues and friends time and time again is the Solar Paint by Glossier. I think this is the brand’s best make-up launch to date. Available in four shades, you simply paint the color onto the cheekbones and blend with your fingers or a brush. To the right are some of my other favourites, as well as Montano’s best advice for application.

Kay Montano’s three golden rules for cream bronzer

  1. Brush over fingers: “While you can certainly use your fingers to apply cream bronzer, for the most seamless application, apply your product with a stipple brush. This gives you better control of the product over using your fingers. Opt for a larger brush than a smaller one, so you don’t get blobs of product that haven’t blended properly.” Try the Stippling Duo Fiber Brush, £28, by Mac.
  2. Where to apply: “For most people, the most flattering place to apply bronzer is on the outer edge of the apples of your cheeks, which is where you would normally catch the sun. Avoid the center of the cheeks, as that can make you look a little ‘Aunt Sally’. Also, apply your bronzer as the last step in your make-up, so you can judge how much you need. If you already have heavy eye make-up or lipstick, you don’t want to over-egg the pudding with too much bronzer.”
  3. Finding your shade: “It’s trial and error when it comes to finding the right bronzer shade for you, but the general rule is to not deviate too far from your natural skin colour, particularly if you’re very pale or have a pinky undertone. just one shade

The six best cream bronzers


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