This week’s ‘Flying Horse’ theme: Pets/favorite animals |  flying-horse

This week’s ‘Flying Horse’ theme: Pets/favorite animals | flying-horse

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Dogs, cats and hamsters: My favorite animals are dogs, cats and hamsters. I like dogs because they are fluffy. I like hamsters because they are warm. I also like cats because they are fun and at last my kind of favorite animals are monkeys because they are also fun.

Athena the dog: My dog ​​Athena is an Akita. We got her the day after Christmas Day!

To golden retriever: I don’t have any pets, but I really want a dog, which is my favorite animal. If I had a dog it would be a golden retriever.

Tilly the kitty: My pet is amazing! It is a female and loves to follow anyone around. Her name de ella is Tilly, but one time we were almost going to name her de ella Cannon Ball! She runs around like a dog almost, and loves to exercise. As you know cats love food; Tilly would eat it all day every day!

dogs: My favorite animal is a dog because I have a dog named Bella.

How I would take care of a hamster: Here are three ways I would take care of my hamster. I would get my hamster from Petco and name her from her Oreo. I would get a cage for my hamster. I would get an orange cage and water, food and a hamster wheel. I would get a black and white hamster.

To signal: My favorite animal is a seal. I like seals because they do tricks.

A man’s best friend: Animals, don’t we all love them? They may not understand us, but it’s always nice to have someone to talk to or something to talk to like dogs. A man’s best friend; they only understand a few words such as ball, play, lay down, sit, stay, up, good girl (boy) and their names! I personally like cats and dogs equally.

Narwhals and pandas: My favorite animals are a narwhal and a panda. The reason I like the panda is because it is so fun to draw! The reason I like the narwhal is because it has a unicorn horn.

Wookiee and Orca Wave: My dog’s name is Wookie and my fish’s name is Orca Wave. Wookiee is 4 years old. She has a lot of energy and loves playing with her toys from her. She loves to lie with me. My fish is so cool looking. He is blue and a little bit purple. Orca Wave has a castle in his tank from him. Wookiee is an American bulldog.

to bunny: My favorite animal is a bunny. Bunnies are cute and cuddly. If I had a bunny I would name her Abby because it reminds me of my BFF. It would play with me. I want a girl.

Penguins: My favorite animal is a penguin because they are fluffy and cozy. The baby penguin is cute and fluffier than the big ones. The best part about penguins is when they swim; it’s so cute. I love big penguins and baby penguins too. I want to go meet them soon.

Potbellied pigs: I love potbellied pigs! They are mischievous and intelligent animals that just need to be loved. Also people need to realize there is more to them than just their meat. My obsession started around my 7th birthday when my mom and dad took me to Utah to see my mom’s aunt and her farm. That is where I first met the cutest animal ever born, a piglet.

cats: Cats are my favorite animals. They are playful and cuddly. I also have a cat. They are so cute and nice.

Pets are good for people: Pets are really good for people in need like dogs; they help people in need. Cats, they see things we don’t see. Birds, when they get scared they flap their wings really fast. Snakes use their sharp teeth to scare people away.

Flamingos, sharks and tigers: My first favorite animal is a flamingo. My second favorite animal is a shark. My last favorite is a tiger.

pet dog: My favorite pet is a dog. My favorite pet is a dog because it is funny, friendly and because I have a pet dog. His name is Teddy. Teddy is 4 years old. So, my favorite animal is a dog.

Madelyn Castaneda Sanchez

Love animals: I love animals and I have a lot of pets! I have five fish; a 1-year-old chow chow; to beagle; and another dog, but I do not know his breed of him. I also have a dead pit bull and an Australian shepherd. Here are some of my stepsiblings’ pets. One has a leopard gecko, a cockatiel and a snake. Last but not least, I have a red-eared slider.

Norma the cat: I am going to talk about my cat Norma and me. Norma and I are best friends. She was my first friend ever. Norma always snuggles on me. She is playful and she loves me back. To take care of a cat, this is what you have to do: Give it water, feed it, give it attention and love it! You have to take care of it.

polar bears: I do not like any animals, but the only kind of animal I like a little is a polar bear, but just a bit. I do not like any other animals. But I never go next to polar bears. I only like how it looks.

Sugar gliders: My favorite animal is a sugar glider. If you don’t know what a sugar glider is, it is a nocturnal animal. During the day, domestic sugar gliders sleep in pouches. In the night you should put your sugar gliders in a cage because in the night they are known to make barking noise. They are very social animals and are great pets.

Lightning the hamster: So I have a hamster. His name is Lightning. Once he got out of his cage but we caught him. Hamsters are house pets. They have fur and big black eyes.

Joey’s: Joeys are one of my favorite animals. Joeys are baby kangaroos. Did you know kangaroo’s long tails can help them balance? Some kangaroos that live in the forest can jump on trees. Joeys stay in their mom’s pouch.

Snakes: My favorite animal is a snake. Some snakes are poisonous. They can be any color. They live on different parts of the Earth. My favorite animal is a tiger. They can roar! They are fast!

Otis the dog: Happiness is a warm puppy, or just any dog ​​at all. My dog ​​Otis is the best! Otis is always there when we need him. He is 17 and still prances everywhere. Although he can’t hear, he still listens. Sometimes he groans to try to respond to whatever you’re talking about. It’s hysterical. He always steps on our stuff. He is very, very, clumsy.

people-dog: My dog ​​Marley is a great dog; he is a boy. He is a couch potato, floor potato, and a people dog. He loves everyone. He barks sometimes at people if he doesn’t know them or doesn’t recognize them. My dog ​​is the best pet in my life.

to wolf: My favorite animal is a wolf because I have four huskies and they look like wolves. They are cute and I want to have lots of them so I can have a pet store.

Tigers: My favorite animal is a tiger. They can run up to 50 miles. They are really cool. I like the roar. They are predators; that means they eat meat. They are the biggest cats in the world!

black cats: My favorite animal is a black cat and I have a black cat. It’s a she and her name is Lola.


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