Vanity Fare: Beauty masks that moisturize, hydrate and exfoliate

Vanity Fare: Beauty masks that moisturize, hydrate and exfoliate

Facial masks are often seen as a beauty staple. Each different one can offer different benefits too, ranging from keeping your skin looking hydrated to helping you achieve a dewy glow.

Here’s a look at the latest beauty masks out there in the market.

Sleeping self-care

Maintaining a night skincare routine is just as important as getting a good night’s sleep.

Laneige’s Water Bank Water Sleeping Mask EX is the brand’s answer to the perfect overnight skincare, aimed at keeping the skin barrier strong, smooth and hydrated.

Pamper and revitalize your skin overnight while strengthening your skin’s defense and improving its clarity.

This sleeping mask is formulated with an upgraded formula powered by the brand’s trademarked Sleeping Microbiome as well as probiotics.

Apart from helping to achieve a clear and bright complexion, it also rebuilds the skin’s balance, damaged during the day due to external conditions.

It nourishes, hydrates and strengthens your skin without any extra work, making sleeping hours the perfect time for the skin to absorb moisture and restore our skin to get ready for the next day.

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Fruity sheet masks (23) (23)

The A’bloom X Tracer Limited Edition Fruit Masks is a variety pack consisting of six flavors that promotes healthy, hydrated skin.

A collaboration between Althea Korea and upcoming girl group Tracer, the pack includes the following: Moisturizing Watermelon, Brightening Lemon, Nourishing Avocado, Anti-Blemish Peach, Lifting Coconut and Anti-aging Blueberry.

Each sheet mask is infused with a whole bottle of super-concentrated essence (25g), instantly filling your skin with moisture. The essence is specially-formulated to create a soft moisture film on the skin’s surface for long-lasting hydration.

Clinically-tested for non-irritation, these sheet masks are made of super-soft, eco-friendly Tencel from 100% natural eucalyptus fibers, and are made without any optical brighteners, formaldehydes or heavy metals.

All-in-one solution

A multi-function nourishing moisturizer, Embryolisse’s Lait-Creme Concentre can be used in six different ways, including as a mask.

With moisturizing and nutritive properties, thanks to a blend of ingredients from natural origin rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins, it delivers nutrients to the skin, retains moisture and helps protect it from aggression.

It has been around since 1950, and it functions as a day/night moisturizer for all skin types, nourishing makeup primer, light make-up remover, 10-minute facial mask, as an aid for after-sun care and even an aftershave lotion .

If your skin is showing signs of dehydration and feeling tight, apply a thick layer to your skin for 15 minutes or even longer.

Smooth, clean skin

Indulge in a delicious detox with Fenty Skin’s Cookies N Clean Whipped Clay Detox Face Mask, a detoxifying, fragrance-free whipped clay mask that visibly tightens pores, reduces excess oil and shine, and refines skin’s texture – all without stripping or drying out your skin .

The clean, vegan, and gluten-free formula which is suited for all skin types is made with clay (to extract dirt, oil and impurities), charcoal (helps detoxify pores and absorb oil and impurities), salicylic acid (BHA) and, rhubarb and ginger extracts (to condition and sooth skin).

Apply an even layer on clean, wet or dry skin, and immediately massage into skin to mix the encapsulated charcoal into the clay, letting the mask transform from white to grey.

Once the mask is fully grey, leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes, and then rinse. For best results, use this product two to three times a week on non-consecutive days.

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Restoring the skin’s natural glow

If you’ve been looking for a gentle and hydrating physical exfoliator, I’m From’s Rice Mask is worth putting on your radar.

Fortified with 4.1% Gaomi rice, the rice bran and rice powder in the formulation sloughs away dead skin cells and unclog pores to make skin smooth and restore its natural glow and translucence.

The formulation also contains Vitamin B1, B2 and other minerals that restore elasticity and firmness to smooth out wrinkles for a more youthful appearance.

After cleansing, dispense an appropriate amount and gently apply over the face, gently massage from chin to forehead in a spiraling motion and rub the bridge and wall of the nose up and down three times. Gently rinse off with water after 10 minutes.


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