LIV golf viewership numbers don’t match the hype

LIV golf viewership numbers don’t match the hype

1. Everybody who is into golf talks about the new LIV tour, and based on numbers I’ve seen, golf fans like to read stories about LIV news. However, when it comes to actually watching LIV Golf, that’s a different story.

According to reports, tickets to last weekend’s event in Bedminster, NJ, were going for $1 on the secondary market.

Via the Washington Post:

“Fewer than 1,000 people were concurrently watching the Facebook Live feed for much of the first two rounds this weekend, while LIV Golf’s YouTube channel was at or above 60,000 viewers for much of Saturday’s second round. On the course, there were far fewer people. Event officials didn’t announce attendance, though most estimates suggested only a few thousand spectators. Tickets sold for $75 per day but could be had on the secondary market for $1 apiece (plus $5.05 in fees via StubHub).”


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