What the presence of TikTok Shop in SEA means for beauty and social commerce

What the presence of TikTok Shop in SEA means for beauty and social commerce

Michaes Chan believes the introduction of the short-form video platform’s commerce capabilities marked the arrival of “the only real social commerce platform” in SEA.

Chan is the chief of staff and chief business officer of Synagie, a Singapore-based e-commerce enabler who has partnered with TikTok to launch an incubation program to help brands kickstart selling on TikTok Shop.

Cosmetic majors including Shiseido, Mandom, and Mentholatum, have joined this incubation programme.

“To me, unless the social commerce platform has a means of conversion within the platform itself, it cannot be called social commerce – that’s just affiliate marketing. TikTok has introduced conversion points, meaning you can transact on TikTok itself, and that makes it a place where social commerce can really happen because you don’t have to click out,” I told CosmeticsDesign-Asia.

In previous installations of CosmeticsDesign-Asia’sHow to win over…and BeautyBroadcastseries, we have explored social commerce and its potential in SEA, as well as the obstacles to its mass adoption.

While beauty brands are eager to tap into social commerce, it is still a fragmented space that lacks integrated backend systems.

“One of the biggest problems that we are facing is backend integration. We started this journey doing social commerce on Facebook, and there wasn’t a real backend they are able to connect to. It was either problems in our supply chain or problems replying to our customers. It was just very hard for us to scale,” ​said Olive Tai, managing director and co-founder of Synagie.


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