Best pet rat cage |  PetsRadar

Best pet rat cage | PetsRadar

Rats are social colony animals; they need spacious homes for climbing and exploring. While these rodents do just fine in small cages, multitiered cages are ideal because they offer full freedom of movement for eating, sleeping, and playing. Rats are incredibly intelligent, and their residences should be a place where their minds and bodies can be enriched, whether it’s from their food or water bowl or some hanging toys. This might be a tall order, so we’ve gathered up the top cage options to assist.


A multi-tiered rat cage with blue slopes between levels, supported on wheels.

(Image credit: Amazon)


  • Large swinging doors allow access to the entire cage
  • Cage parts lock together securely
  • Truly huge; large enough for rats, easily


  • Shallow flooring trays mean litter spills out
  • Metal parts often end up bent in transit

We humans sure do love living in huge places. Often, if money allows, we seek out the penthouse, the mansion, or luxury accommodations. Don’t we want the same thing for our pets? Rats are highly social and like having room to move around; the Deluxe Critter Nation tiered cage provides more than enough. It is the closest thing to a rat mansion with two expansive tiers, three raps, two pans, and more. There is plenty of vertical space, like expansive floors and fun lookouts, where your pet or pets can roam.

easy assembly

A cage on four wheels with 3 tiers to it, connected by mesh ramps.

(Image credit: Amazon)


  • Casters for simple transport
  • easy assembly
  • three fun platforms


  • Wide bars are not ideal for smaller rats
  • Plastic bottom tray wears down

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