37 Gross and Weird Beauty Products That Actually Work

37 Gross and Weird Beauty Products That Actually Work

In case you couldn’t tell from the title, this list is going to be a little bit odd and icky. It’s not late to turn back! If you have a squeamish stomach, I advise you not to look at the reviews. Otherwise, enjoy the strangely satisfying gore of these outlandish beauty products.

Not going to lie, some of the video reviews on these products made me gag a little – in a good way! It’s horrifying to see how much crud can hang out in our skin, but the satisfaction of pulling it alllll out is worth the temporary revulsion. I bought the pore vacuum and I have to say: it is soooo satisfying to be able to handle a pimple/blackhead right then and there before it gets HUGE. I’ve also heard great things about snail slime, as weird as it is, and the Himalayan pink salt toothpaste.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program and we may have additional affiliate relationships with some of the products featured here – as such, our company may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon as we publish it!

Snail slime cream for deep hydration and repair

I first found out about snail slime masks and creams when I worked for a spa – who knew, right? Apparently, it’s really good for hydration because it’s full of hyaluronic acid and antioxidants. Reviewers with all kinds of skin conditions/types are raving about the rapid results they’re seeing with this product! Bonus: no snails were harmed in the making of this cream.

I’m a big fan of Freeman face masks

My favs are the cucumber peel-off mask, the Manuka honey/tea tree oil mask and the cactus/cloudberry water gel mask. The peel-off one is super gross and sometimes painful coming off, but you’ll enjoy how much dead skin and blackheads go with it.

Wipe away dead skin flakes with this exfoliating mitt

If you’re looking for visible results, this mitt won’t disappoint you. Take a shower or a soak and get ready to make it rain!

Liquid latex for a flawless manicure

When tightening the belt means no more professional mani-pedis, it’s time to invest in some nail supplies like this genius cuticle protectant. Apply the liquid latex during your at-home manicure and peel it off when you’re done painting; any spills or stray brush strokes will peel right off your skin! Pretty amazing right?

Peel away dead skin and calluses with this foot mask

Okay, so the peeling effect is super nasty, but the results are totally worth it. Underneath all that dirty, dry, cracked skin is a new layer of fresh, baby soft skin.

You’ll obsess over this pore vacuum – it even comes with a camera!

If you love to watch extraction videos, you really need this pore vacuum. It comes with a camera so you can pour over every inch of your skin and watch each blackhead surface. Finally, we can all feel truly, DEEPLY clean.

A funky lip plumper fish

The fish mold totally reminds me of a taiyaki. 😍 Can I throw some ice cream in there?? Reviewers say this little fish gives you long-lasting, natural looking plumpness. Pretty good for $12!

Pimple patches are the miracle invention I wish I had bought sooner

Slap one of these patches on your red spots and watch them vanish! Can someone send these back in time to 2006 please? My teen self really needs them. 😭

This bubbly mask will make your face tingle

If you really want to FEEL your face mask hard at work, this is definitely your product. Reviewer saffreya praised this product for really “getting in there and melting the gunk.” She wrote: “As other reviews mentioned, it does feel a bit itchy as it goes into the skin to melt dirt and oils from under the skin surface. I worried that my hypersensitive skin would react. To my surprise, my skin felt clean, refreshed and very soft! No adverse effects whatsoever!”

An easier way to shave your back

This time, the before and after pics make a BIG difference. Ditch the expensive waxes and try this back shaver! It’s got nice long handle, so you don’t have to struggle to get your desired result.

Keep a clean tongue with this scraper tool

So much bacteria lives in our mouths – yuck! If you don’t clean your whole mouth every night, including your tongue, you’re setting yourself up for cavities and bad breath. Save yourself an expensive dentist visit by grabbing one of these tongue cleaners!

Deal with unwanted blemishes with this pimple popper kit

Thankfully, we’ve moved past the days of popping pimples with our fingers – ew! The chore is never NOT disgusting, but at least now you have the tools to handle it like a professional esthetician.

De-dandruff your hair with this scalp massager

Regardless of dandruff, everyone really needs one of these. Imagine how good it will feel during a hot shower…

Flushable wipes for quick cleanup

There are so many reasons to get these, but SoloPocono‘s review is my favorite: “I’m older and disabled and have been trying to simplify my life in every way possible. I have tried numerous wipes, both flushable and non-flushable because I need them for more than just bathroom trips. …I also noticed when my precious Leela kitty sees me freshening-up; her back de ella goes up as she gives a not-so-subtle hint, she wants to smell pretty too! I do n’t really wipe her down much except her de ella ears, then I run it down her de ella back de ella and she’s a happy kitty. …Thanks for making us cleaner & smelling pretty!”

I need this antiperspirant for my sweaty feet

The only reason my feet smell like anything is because, A, I go everywhere barefoot like a hippie child, and B, because my feet won’t stop SWEATING. There’s no in between, it’s either fully drenched or painfully bone dry. This spray is supposed to act as an antiperspirant; it also has ingredients like tea tree oil to help fight fungal infections and unpleasant odors. Sounds like a winner to me.

Shave away stray hairs and peach fuzz with this dermaplaning set

No more expensive lip waxes or uncomfortable shave bumps on your face!

Topical probiotic spray for healthy skin

Probiotics are usually edible supplements – I would never have thought of putting them on the skin. Apparently, this spray works really well for balancing skin pH, fighting acne and soothing other skin issues.

Scrape away the gunk with this skin spatula

This multipurpose skin spatula comes with a variety of interesting functions. Use the Cleansing and Ion+ settings to remove blackheads and excess oil. Use the Ion- and Lifting settings to help the skin better absorb your favorite serums.

The weirdest looking face mask

Before you wash it off, you’re going to look wrinkly and strange like a zombie! Buyers seem to love this mask for its weird appearance and skin tightening quality. Here’s what reviewer christine c had to say about this mask: “This product makes your skin feel tight and your pores look smaller. I like the smoothness and lift it gives you. It has a different smell but I don’t mind it at all.”

The coolest lip-tinting peel

I saw this all over social media months ago! People were obsessed! Now I really want one – apparently, the liquid blading system helps lock in the tinted color so you can enjoy no-smudge lip color all day long for less than $30.

The spookiest mud mask

Halloween enthusiasts, I have a new brand for you – just in time for the end of summer! Check out Zombie Beauty’s green gooey green Witch Pack masks.

Speed ​​up drying time with this hooded dryer bonnet

This mysterious, dramatic looking head piece is a win for slow-drying, curly hair. buyer Tanya E White describes why this is a great find for natural hair: “I am a woman of color who has 4c Natural hair. I’m going on three years since going natural. I do a lot of twist/braids and protective styles. I have to do my hair late at night because I have a small child. But the issue with that is my hair is NEVER dry by the am. I can’t take my twists out if not completely dry or it won’t style nicely. I have been looking for a nice hooded dryer for a reasonable price and THIS IS IT!!!! I absolutely love the dryer. Timed it for 15 mins and my hair was completely dry. Thank you!!!”

A painless hair remover with over 115,000 glowing reviews

If you’re sick of makeup making your little baby hairs stick up, you may want to buy this hair remover. All you need is one AA battery and you can eliminate hair anytime, anywhere. A perfect find for your purse!

Get new feet overnight with this gel moisturizing socks

Not great for walking, but fantastic for deep hydration. Sign me up!

Nail clippers with a catcher

No more gross little nail shards getting lost or littering the bathroom!

This pore stick will reveal how much gunk is in your face

I recommend using this cute little octopus in the shower or after you wash your face at night. It helps massage sebum, blackheads and other debris out of your pores, which will leave your skin feeling super soft and clean.

A viral nose hair waxing kit

Tired of endless trimming? Take a break with this nose waxing kit. A few seconds of blinding pain and you’ll have the most enviable hairless nose around! Bonus: It comes with a stick-on mustache to protect your real mustache or upper lip.

A makeup remover that only uses water

All you need is water to activate these makeup removal cloths! It’s a great way to prevent unnecessary waste and get a good look at how much dirt lands on your face each day.

Get perfect brows with this eyebrow tint gel

Make sure to do your shaping ahead of time, or you could end up with monster eyebrows! In all seriousness though, this is a great product. Reviewer Life of Becky argues you really can’t beat this product for the price: “The brush is small and coats the brows easily. Since it doesn’t have long bristles, the brush can also be used to finely ‘paint’ the underlying skin in areas where the brows are sparse and need to be darkened. …Overall, as a self-proclaimed Sephora addict who typically only buys high end makeup, I can honestly say that this is one of my favorite products.”

Grab this foot scrubber for your shower!

Perfect for scratching itches and squishing in between your toes.

This Himalayan pink salt toothpaste sounds gross, but it actually tastes like mint

Some people’s teeth don’t agree with fluoride, hydrogen peroxide or intense fragrances. You can burn your gums or get a gum infection if you’re not careful! If you’ve got a sensitive mouth, it’s definitely time to make the switch.

A self-cleaning hairbrush for buyers who use lots of product

It’s never fun touching the gunky, wet hairball that builds up on your brush every month. Thankfully, this self-cleaning brush exists so you can skip that experience.

Use this ear camera cleaner to loosen blackheads and earwax

Just like the pore vacuum, now you can do dirty jobs with the utmost confidence that you’ve cleaned every nook and cranny.

Unwanted warts won’t stand a chance with this treatment

Warts can be painful and a source of social anxiety. I remember kids teasing each other about warts in elementary school. I once had one on the bottom of my foot, of all places, and it was horrible to walk on. It took a long time to go away on its own; I really wish I had had some of this ointment to use on it.

Keep a smooth bum with this Brazilian Bum Bum Body Cream

Okay, this one isn’t gross or weird per se, but I do find it interesting that any skincare product would specifically be for your butt. With coconut oil, Brazilian Guarana and other luxurious, buttery ingredients, you might as well buy this bum butter for the smell alone.

An oddly shaped hair diffuser attachment

It may look like a plastic cactus, but it’s actually an attachable diffuser for your hair dryer! If you’re curious to see how a diffuser will work on your hair type, this is a great budget option for testing it out.

Smell like a banana with this whimsical lotion

To some, the idea of ​​smelling like a banana has to be revolting, but I LOVE the idea of ​​it! Bananas are so delicious!

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