Beauty industry shifts from problem-focused products to ingredient-focused products

Beauty industry shifts from problem-focused products to ingredient-focused products

For the past few years, people have become more aware of the beauty products they choose to apply on their skin. Beauty is and always will be a personal choice for all. With the beauty industry seeing a boom in recent years, brands are stepping up their standards to meet the changing needs of their customers. Beauty consumers today have become extremely considerate of the personal care and wellness products they pick, and the same is seen in the shift towards clean beauty as well. Consumers today will opt for beauty essentials that are natural, eco-friendly, toxin-free and clean instead of anything that’s laden with chemicals. Surely, the tide has turned for clean and sustainable beauty.

According to a poll conducted by the esteemed Harper’s Bazaar, nearly 50% of women of 1000 have already incorporated clean, ingredient-focused picks in their routine and more than 60% would be willing to splurge more on them.

Every beauty lover wants to know more and be informed more, and rightly so! They want to avoid anything that has ‘parabens’, ‘silica’, ‘aluminium compounds’, ‘phthalates’ and other notorious ingredients. This has led to beauty brands focusing on what goes into their product formulations and apprising all consumers about the ingredients and the benefits they bring! Beauty brands should be 100% honest and transparent with their consumers.

And with this rising demand for ingredient-focused products in skincare, haircare, personal care and nutrition; the beauty industry is ready to deliver what is being asked of them. Rather than problem-focused products that used to tackle beauty troubles such as dullness, dehydration, hyperpigmentation, frizz, acne, fatigue (to name a few), the idea has moved onto formulating ingredient rich products that will, in essence, combat any such beauty issues along with providing varied benefits to one! Gone are the days when a brand could claim something and provide something else. With this transition, and keeping ingredients as the core of the formulas, brands are manufacturing high performance essentials that give the maximum results. Clean beauty, in its wake, has also brought attention to ‘sustainability’, ‘greener’ and ‘safe for planet’ options.

Considering the positives and the outcome of this shift from problem-focused picks to ingredient-focused formulas, it’s safe to say that this change is here to stay! A conscious consumer holds the power to bring shifts in the beauty industry and rightly get what they deserve! What we just need to check is greenwashing that brands might indulge in, in order to stay true to their consumers and meet their demands. That, inadvertently, can lead to consumers unintentionally participating in causing more harm to the environment.

With problem-based products taking a backseat, ingredient-focused products are doing the work of both – addressing beauty issues while being planet-friendly, clean and conscious.

With inputs from Deep Lalvani, Sublime Life.


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