Beauty products to help send you to the land of nod

Beauty products to help send you to the land of nod

Holly Golightly knew the importance of beauty sleep.

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Holly Golightly knew the importance of beauty sleep.

I personally need no encouragement to get into bed. But once upon a time, I was the type of night owl who delighted in roaming around the quiet house after everyone else had turned in.

There was TV to watch, essays to write, and I’d convinced myself that as long as I managed five hours of sleep, I could get through the next day relatively unscathed. If you knew me during that period, you’re probably entitled to some sort of compensation.

I now see the error of my ways. I know enough new parents to know that sleep is a precious resource. Forget the fire and brimstone – my version of hell is laying in bed wide awake and knowing that the morning alarm is creeping closer with every toss and turn.

Sleep is when some of the most important recovery takes place. While you’re getting some shut-eye, your body is hard at work repairing the wear and tear done to your brain, muscles and skin during daylight hours. Put simply and in purely aesthetic terms: if you don’t get enough sleep, it shows on your face.

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To that end, I’ve developed a tried and true pre-bedtime routine that helps me calm my mind and body before hitting the hay. It’s as much about a slowed down ritual that separates the mind and body from the chaos of the day as it is the therapeutic properties.

The first thing I do is light a candle. I prefer something with a warm and calming scent and of late, it’s been the Crushes soy-based Bonne Nuit candle I’ve reached for. I turn off the main lights, and use the soft glow of the wick as a visual marker that it’s time to start winding down.

Next, I head to the kitchen and boil the jug. I use half of the hot liquid to fill a hot water bottle (my comfort item) and the rest to make a warming drink. Some nights it’s a herbal tea, other times simply warm water and some lemon.

If I’ve had a particularly busy day or feel especially unsettled, I’ll opt for something made specifically to encourage sleep support like Jeunora’s Beauty Sleep which combines Fair Trade cocoa with adaptogenic mushrooms and pistachio extract to support all over relaxation and healthy sleep patterns .

Once my belly is full and warm, I made my way to the bathroom and start the process of taking off the day. The bathroom is the last bastion of phone-free space in my house, so I really take my time removing my makeup and applying my skincare.

I’m not one for mindful coloring or sound baths, but I’ll happily take a few extra deep breathes while I work my cleanser into my jawline in the name of wellness.

Two or three times a week, I give my skin a helping hand restoration wisely and up the ante on my PM skincare routine. I swap out my regular moisturizer for one designed to work the graveyard shift. Look for something packed with nurturing ingredients that help your skin overnight rejuvenation.

The kit: Melatonin Night Balm, $50 from Mecca, has kangaroo paw flower nectar and Japanese grape extract to promote skin firmness and hydration, while the new Emma Lewisham Supernatural Sleeping Mask, $125, uses gardenia jasminoides extract, which binds ferulic acid (a natural antioxidant) to melatonin receptors in your skin, supporting them to perform collagen synthesis and stimulate cell turnover while you sleep, so you wake up with calm, bright skin.

I finish up in the bathroom by spritzing Sachajuan Overnight Hair Repair, $93, through my naturally thin locks, so they get some TLC overnight as well. This vegan friendly product has red algae in it to help thicken tresses and boost hair growth. It can, but doesn’t have to, be rinsed out in the morning, which is great for mornings when you have to get up and go.

Back in the bedroom, what you’re laying your head down on matters too. Rougher fibers like cotton can squash your face and also suck up all the good products you’ve just expertly layered onto your face.

Swap in a more skin-friendly silk pillow, like Manuka Dreams Silk Pillowcase, $105, to cut down face friction, meaning less morning face creases and more moisturised skin. Another face friendly pillowcase tip: wash them more regularly than you think you ought to.

From there, it’s usually as easy as hopping in bed and nodding off quicker than you can say, “Did I blowout that candle?”

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