Fitzy and Wippa reveal their worst celebrity encounters

Fitzy and Wippa reveal their worst celebrity encounters

Everyone dreams of meeting their favorite celebrity. And whilst some people are lucky enough to have that dream-like perfect encounter with their favorite actors or singers, many others leave feeling disappointed.

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Whilst no one is entitled to have a perfect celebrity interaction, it doesn’t mean those awkward situations can’t sting and change your opinion of celebs.

This morning, Fitzy, Wippa and Sarah revealed their most awkward celebrity encounters and safe to say we are cringing hearing all the details.

The conversation began after Fitzy revealed how much he enjoys seeing celebrities, explaining how excited he was to see Toni Collette at Splendor in the Grass.

Whilst he didn’t introduce himself to the Aussie actress, he revealed the stress of celebrity encounters, explaining that “you don’t want to embarrass yourself.”

The radio host explained a recent awkward situation in Ibizia, where Noel Gallagher and his family were clearly uncomfortable being disrupted by fans during a quiet meal.

Fitz & Wippa


The conversation quickly turned to the radio host’s own awkward encounters with celebrities with Wippa explaining his unfriendly encounter with Denzel Washington.

Wippa explained that he was at the same restaurant as Denzel Washington and made his way over to get a photo with the Hollywood actor.

But before he arrived, “Denzel shakes his head as if to say no” and the manager of the restaurant “jumps in…then looks at me and goes ‘no.’”

“It was so cold…I just had to wander back to my seat”

Denzel Washington


Sarah also joined the conversation revealing her awkward moment with Leonardo DiCaprio, labeling the situation as “unkind.”

“I got shut down” she explained, revealing that it was 3 am when she had approached the actor for a photo after being dared by Fitzy.

“The hand went up” Fitzy explained, telling listeners that the famous actor told Sarah “I don’t do photos,” leaving her empty-handed as she walked back.

Leonardo Dicaprio


Fitzy, Wippa and Sarah aren’t the only ones dishing on all the awkward details from celebrity encounters gone wrong.

Last month Jackie O detailed her “rude” encounter with Australian actor Michael Caton on The Kyle and Jackie O Show.

“It’s really hard to go up to a celebrity that you love because you’re nervous and you hope that they are going to be nice to you… you hear horror stories,” Jackie O told listeners.

“I just assume they are all going to be lovely” Kyle exclaimed.

“They’re not all lovely!” Jackie O confirmed.

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