Motel 6, where pets stay free, helps make travel simple for all

Motel 6, where pets stay free, helps make travel simple for all

Thinking about hitting the road with your furry friends? More and more, pet parents are bringing their four-legged companions on adventures around the country. But before you cut loose with Fido on vacation, you want to make sure you’re going somewhere accessible for them too.

At Motel 6 locations around the country, pets always stay free, helping pet parents rest easy. To help with inspiration for the rest of the planning aside from where to rest your head at night, the budget-friendly travel brand partnered with Best Places to round out the top 10 pet-friendly road trip destinations in the US

Whether you want to hit the beach, explore mountains, or dig into local eats in a unique small town, here are helpful tips for traveling with your pet.

Make sure there are dog parks or greenspaces

Dogs need regular exercise and after a few hours in the car, they may have serious zoomies, or sudden bursts of needing to sprint around (you probably do too). Finding places to walk, run, or hike with your pup was a major consideration for BestPlaces. In Santa Monica, California, for example, you’ll find a full run of dog parks, from neighborhood spots to swanky members-only clubsmaking it the perfect beachside neighborhood to explore with your pet.

golden retriever and australian shepherd running on the beach together

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Look for pet-friendly bars and restaurants

Trying out local restaurants, cafes, and bars is one of the biggest reasons people travel. The perfect recipe for keeping mealtimes simple is great weather, plenty of outdoor dining, and lots of authentic flavors. In New Mexico, Santa Fe ticks all the boxes with plenty of places where you and your pet are welcome. After checking out Pueblo-style architecture and centuries-old landmarks, recharge on a sunny patio with Frito pie and biscuits cookies.

infographic of all pet-friendly Motel 6 locations in the US

Credit: Motel 6 / BestPlaces

Stay close to pet stores and vets

No one wants to hit a bump in the road when they’re traveling, so it’s always wise to stay close to vets and pet stores just in case. Let’s be honest, even if you think you’ve packed everything, there’s always one thing you may run out of quicker than expected or never realized you needed in the first place like snacks or a tick collar when you’re heading into the woods during peak tick season. In spots like bendOregon, which is well-equipped with plenty of pet stores, you can hit the trails and have total peace of mind.

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