Sanzi: Doggone it with these pets in stores |  Opinion

Sanzi: Doggone it with these pets in stores | Opinion

On Monday I was shopping at Marshalls and noticed a woman with a medium-sized dog on a leash. For a quick second I wondered to myself why the dog was in the store and then, just as I was about to turn my attention to the back-to-school section of lunch boxes and backpacks, I noticed a sizable yellow puddle on the floor . I kept waiting for the owner to notice. She didn’t. Even as the dog repeatedly sniffed at her own urine, she remained oblivious, which was sort of understandable since so much great stuff was on clearance, but also, what the heck?

You’re likely wondering if I said anything to her (or to the pup), and the answer is no. Maybe I should have, but I was admittedly kind of speechless. A dog had just peed on the floor in the middle of Marshalls. I discreetly snapped a photo, not to share on any social media but to have in my pocket for the inevitable naysayers who will read this and say that a) it didn’t happen or b) I’m guilty of shaming someone disabled with a service dog. Service dogs don’t pee on the floor in stores.


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