Fuslie’s reaction to pets licking themselves clean shocks Miyoung

Fuslie’s reaction to pets licking themselves clean shocks Miyoung

During their Fall Guys stream with Blaustoise, Leslie “Fuslie” shocked fellow streamer Miyoung with her take on pets licking themselves clean. The trio were playing a popular multiplayer game when the topic of why dogs and cats clean themselves was brought up by Miyoung.

She was of the opinion that dogs and cats occasionally act inappropriately and lick themselves, much to everyone’s discomfort. However, Blaustoise explained that it was their way of cleaning themselves, and she wondered how easy it would be for humans to do the same.

Without missing a mark, Leslie declared that she would happily do so if it wasn’t frowned upon by people:

“Yes. If it was socially acceptable.”

“Licking yourself would be shower”: Miyoung in disbelief after Fuslie’s theory

Miyoung “kkatamina” had a question for her streamer friends about why dogs tend to lick themselves in what she deemed inappropriate places. Blaustoise could not understand her question and asked for clarification. She subsequently explained:

“Like, how do they groom themselves like that?”

Now that it was established that kkatamina had a problem with pets licking themselves, Leslie, who was apparently not paying attention to the conversation, interjected. Blaustoise duly informed her that:

“I don’t know, apparently dogs aren’t allowed to lick themselves.”

For dogs, licking comes naturally and instinctively. It serves as a means of self-expression, bonding and grooming for them. As the match started, someone in the chat expressed their feelings on the issue, leaving Miyoung a little unnerved:

“Wait, someone said, “I wish people could do that too.” That’s weird.”

Blaustoise, however, had the complete opposite reaction:

“It would be ideal. I feel like if we could lick ourselves clean, we certainly would.”

Fuslie too agreed with the sentiment despite protests from Miyoung:

“Huh, Leslie?…because you don’t want to shower?”

The latter was referring to the running gag in the community about the former’s aversion to showering. However, the streamer presented a logical explanation, positing that if licking was to become a socially acceptable form of grooming, it would be equivalent to showering:

“Yes, well no. Licking yourself would be showering.”

Miyoung was stunned into silence after this proclamation. Meanwhile, Blaustoise chimed in, supporting the hypothesis:

“Yeah it would be. It’s just like a dog. People pet their dogs when they lick, they don’t think twice about it.”

Fan reactions to the licking theory

Fans of Fuslie went wild after her suggestion and started teasing her about it. While many brought up the inside joke about her not taking a shower, some quipped about the advantages of said notion:

Chat reacting to the clip (Image via Fuslie/Twitch)

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